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10_per_genre's Journal

10 Per Genre - a multi-fandom fanfic challenge!
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Hello and welcome to 10_per_genre! This community is yet another spin-off of the many fanfic challenge communities out there.

This community is created and run by Jules saturnine_tears and Dani sirius_starr, and we also run two other fanfic communties: 100songs and 100moods.

I (Dani) commented one night that I thought that 30+ fics in challenges were almost overwhelming, and that it'd be nice if there was more 10-25 fic challenges... so we decided to make one. But we couldn't decide what genre to make the challenge, so Jules thought up the idea that became 10_per_genre... why not have one comm with a 10 fic challenge for each genre!? So there you have it, this comm was born!


To all 10_per_genre members!

Thank you all for so much for your participation! Never had my friend and I expected such a wonderful amount of people willing to take the challenge! You have all been absolutely terrific, and the stories that I have read were magnificent.

Sadly, college and work have taken up most, if not all, of my free time, and I can no longer manage the community. I have decided to just let new challengee-s to claim their characters/pairings/fandoms and post their stories on their own, without my having to accept each of them individually. I just do not have the time to devote to this community anymore, though I wish it to still run; its not fair to the active participants if I just take it down without warning.

PLEASE NOTE. This is NOT an invitation to spam, flame, or generally break rules. I will still be monitering the community when I have a chance. You may still report any issues that have as of yet been unsolved or unnoticed by emailing me at the email posted on my profile.

Thank you all, again, for all of your enthusiasm for this challenge and for making this such a wonderful experience!

I'm sorry for not being able to commit the time needed anymore, but real life calls. Its time for me to look to the future!

Again, Thanks.
Your community admin,

PS: I am still adding completed tables to the completed table entry, so please still post in that entry if you have finished a table!


1. All fics must be under an LJ-Cut or a fake LJ cut.
2. NO FLAMING. You MUST have respect. If you're caught flaming or making non-constructive criticisms, you will be warned, and then banned if you do it again. Unless your flame is really bad, then you'll be banned immediately.
3. There's no limit to how many people can claim a certain claim... so don't worry if you see someone's already claimed what you want... claim it anyway! =)
4. Have FUN.
5. Read the FAQs BEFORE you ask a question.

All posts must include the following:


You may add other things to it as well, just try not to make it too long.


FAQs / Ask a question

And now, the tables!

Table 1 - Action / Adventure

01. Fire02. Crash03. Natural disaster04. Crime05. Explosion
06. Fight07. Missing08. Escape09. Encounter10. Attack or Defense

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Table 2 - Angst / Tragedy

01. Death02. Jealousy03. Isolation04. loss05. Tears
06. Illness07. Change08. Betrayal09. Deprivation10. Regret

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Table 3 - Comedy / Humor

01. Laughter02. Prank03. Joke04. "I didn't do it"05. Humiliation
06. Caught in the act07. If at first you don't succeed08. Truth or dare09. Backfired!10. A picture's worth a thousand words

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Table 4 - Crackfic

01. Rubber Ducky02. Balloons03. Sugar04. Butterflies05. Retro
06. Slinky07. Batteries Not Included08. Shake your booty09. Cowboy(s)10. Spandex/Tights

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Table 5 - Drama

01. Arguement02. Misunderstanding03. Foot-in-mouth04. Family05. Walk away
06. Secrets07. Lies08. Lost09. Traitor10. Morals

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Table 6 - Fantasy

01. Mythical creature02. Magic/magical03. quest/journey04. Knight in shining armour05. Battle/struggle
06. Good/evil07. Far and Away08. Knowledge is power09. Wish upon a star10. Point of no return

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Table 7 - Fluff (Rated G-PG13)

01. Cuddle/Snuggle02. Simple gift03. Touch04. Tickle05. Shiver
06. Sunrise/Sunset07. Blush08. Cold winter night09. Playful10. Crush

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Table 8 - Horror / Thriller

01. Trapped02. Unknown03. Taken04. Pursuit05. Sleep with one eye open
06. Forbidden07. Darkness08. Adreneline09. Murder10. Panic/Fear

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Table 9 - Hurt / Comfort

01. Pain02. Relief03. Nightmare04. Trust/Distrust05. Memories/Past
06. Righting a wrong07. Run to me08. Here in my arms09. Haunted10. Holding out for a Hero

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Table 10 - Mystery

01. Whodunit?02. Veiled/Cloaked03. Evidence04. Suspect05. Alias/Alter Ego
06. Knight07. Isn't what it seems08. Questions09. Conceal10. Anonymity

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Table 11 - Romance

01. All's fair in love and war02. When I look into your eyes03. Body language04. Roller Coaster of love05. Love lifts us up where we belong
06. Embrace07. Sweet Nothings/Whispers08. Chivalry09. Affection10. Dance

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Table 12 - Smut (Rated R - NC17)

01. Finally alone together02. BDSM03. body paint/massage oils04. Wet05. Threesome
06. Role Play07. Kink08. Old fashioned love making09. Try something new10. Outdoors

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Table 13 - Sci-Fi / Supernatural

01. Spirits/Souls02. Space03. Technology/Computers04. Robots05. Hologram
06. Hyperspace07. Extraterrestrial08. Deja Vu09. Laser/Weapons10. Time Warp

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Table 14 - Suspense

01. Stalking02. Kidnap03. Waiting04. Danger05. Warning
06. Blackmail07. Uncertainty08. Ultimatum09. Ransom10. Hijack

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Table 15 - All-In-One

01. Escape02. Isolation03. Caught in the Act04. Rubber Ducky05. Misunderstanding
06. Far and Away07. Touch08. Sleep with one eye open09. Nightmare10. Isn't what it seems
11. Affection12. Kink13. Deja Vu14. Warning

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